You asked for it: Here you go! Our calendar is public.

To schedule an event or to inquire about attending a class, please contact us at or (317) 922-8022

Welcome to 2020! EWC supports wellness and education efforts through contract work: teaching, certifying, coaching, consulting, and program creation, among other things. Our staff will be at the following events:                               

2020 Events:

January 24, 2020     Youth MHFA, Grace College, Winona Lake

February 1, 2020     MHFA, Indiana University, Indianapolis

February 7, 2020     TBI, VA Hospital, Indianapolis

March 12th, 2020     Increasing Veteran Access to Care event

March 18, 2020     Youth MHFA @ Linton-Stockton Schools, Greene County

March 25, 2020     MHFA, Indiana State Chamber of Commerce & Wellness Council

April 3, 2020     MHFA Blended – Instructor training

April 4, 2020     Mental Health First Aid Instructor Summitt @ National Convention

April 7, 2020     IU Kokomo Legacy Event

April 17, 2020     MHFA for Higher Ed, Rose Hulman University

April 24, 2020     TBI, VA Hospital, Indianapolis

May 1, 2020     Youth MHFA @ Plainfield Schools

May 7, 2020     Youth MHFA @ Monroe Central Schools

May 8 & 9, 2020     Indiana University Commencement

May 26, 2020     Yoiuth MHFA, Abraham Lincoln School, Indy

June 5, 2020     Youth MHFA @ AmeriCorp, Indianapolis

August 5, 2020     Mental Health First Aid for Higher Ed, Franklin College

October 21, 2020     MHFA, Indiana State Chamber of Commerce & Wellness Council, Indianapolis

Please check back, regularly, since we are continually scheduling classes. 

If you would like to schedule a training at your facility or would like to enroll in a future class, please contact us at:  

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