You asked for it: Here you go! Our calendar is public.

If you are interested in any of these events, send us an email at


We have started scheduling into Autumn! Please note: We have had a few changes! Contact us with questions or if you want to schedule your seminar.                                     

To schedule your own event, call us at (317) 922-8022.

Upcoming Events:

June 28, 2019     YOUTH MHFA, NAMI-IN, Indianapolis

June 30, 2019     Traumatic Brain Injury class 8! Seymore, IN

July 2, 2019     MHFA, Head Start, Anderson

July 8, 2019     MHFA adult, Pendleton Library, Pendleton

July 13, 2019     YOUTH MHFA, Tipton County Foundation Conference Center, Tipton – full

July 19-21, 2019     Conference!

July 23, 2019     MHFA, Tipton County Foundation Conference Center, Tipton

July 29th, 2019     Bariatric Focus Group, Purdue University

August 4-8, 2019     Leadership Education Academy Conference

August 12, 2019     Youth MHFA Calgary Lutheran School, Indy

August 13, 2019     Youth MHFA Systems of Care, Anderson

August 17, 2019     Youth MHFA, Pendleton Community Library, Pendleton

August 24, 2019     MHFA for Higher Ed, Butler University, Indy

August 26, 2019     1st Day at IUK & Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Kokomo

August 31, 2019     YMHFA, Tipton County Foundation, Tipton

September 5, 6, 7     Tipton County Pork Festival

September 9, 2019     Youth MHFA Clark Pleasant Community Schools

September 12, 2019     Indianapolis VA Hospital

September 16, 2019     Tech in Opioid Treatment Seminar, Washington DC

September 16-18, 2019     Indiana Chamber of Commerce & Wellness Council, Indiana Wellness Summit, Indy – potential

September 19, 2019     MHFA, Alexandria Community Center, Alexandria

September 26, 3019     MHFA, Community Hospital, Anderson (closed to the public)

October 5, 2019     Saint Mary-of-the-Woods Homecoming & Open House

October 10, 2019     MHFA for Public Safety, Anderson

October 17, 2019     MHFA for Public Safety, Anderson Corrections

October 23, 2019     Mental Health First Aid (adult), Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indianapolis

October 25, 2019     YMHFA  South Henry Schools

October 29, 2019     CNO Financial Wellness EXPO, Chicago

November 2, 2019     MHFA   East Main St Christian Church, Elwood 

November 15, 2019     MHFA for Higher Ed @ Ferris State University

November 21, 2019     YMHFA Western Schools. Russiaville

December 4, 2019     YMHFA, South Madison Schools

Currently scheduling into Autumn 2019: Let us know when you want us to bring Mental Health First Aid or YOUTH Mental Health First Aid to your organization!

If you would like to schedule a training at your facility or would like to enroll in a future class, please contact us at:  

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