Mental Health First Aid for Higher Education at Butler University!

Welcome to the club, new Mental Health First Aiders! In May 2018, a group of people from four universities and IFSA-Butler came together to become certified in Mental Health First Aid for Higher Education. The interesting thing about these first aiders is that all of them work with international students.

International students experience the same stressors that other students experience; however, they also experience added pressures that are unique to the typical sojourner. They have to adapt to their new environment, master a new language, learn new customs and cultural roles and rules, and work through the phenomenon called “culture shock.” Culture shock can be as simple as a moment of homesickness. Culture shock can also be debilitating.  People who work with international syudents must be able to recognize the symtons of the mental health pressures tyoiclly experenced bytudents kiving away from their childhood homesm as well as, the student’s way of coping with the cultural changes whichmymay be muhmorepronounced.

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