Youth Mental Health First Aid at Frankton Schools!

We had a blast with teachers and staff at Frankton schools! You probably can tell that we love teaching and certifying people in Mental Health First Aid and YOUTH Mental Health First Aid, but we can honestly say that some groups of people are our favorites to work with, including this fantastic group of educators who teach in Frankton! WOW! This is one dynamic group of individuals! The Children of Frankton are lucky to have such a dedicated and caring group of people as their teaching staff. We are happy to know that we could take part in helping them learn new skills to add to their educational tool boxes. A special thank you to NAMI-Indiana for providing the grant which paid for this training for K-12 faculty and staff. You guys ROCK!

Traumatic Brain Injury 16-Hour Education

We will be starting the 8-week Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) course for those of you who have been suffering from a TBI and your care takers and loved ones. This class is for the person suffering from the brain injury and one or more caretakers. We meet for 2 hours a week for 8 weeks and cover the signs and symptoms of TBI, different supports which are available within Indiana and your community, and what you can do to aid inrecovery and adapting to life with a brain injury. If you live near Elwood, Indiana and are interested in joining us, please email us at