Summer Movies for Kids!

Are you looking for something inexpensive to do with the children that you care about, this summer? For those of us who live in Central Indiana, there are many opportunities available that are either free or cost very little. With the heat coming on, many of us like to take advantage of places which have air conditioning, and one place in particular is the movie theater. In our area, there are three (or more) theaters which offer low cost movies, so there are also a variety to choose from, just in case you don’t like the film available at your favorite theater on any given week.

All three theaters show their movies starting at 10:00 AM. In Kokomo, the AMC theater offers a movie on Wednesdays for $4 which includes the movie ticket and a kid’s pack refreshment. The Cinemark8 in Indianapolis has a $1 movie, every Wednesday for 2 months. Finally, the Regal 17 in Carmel offers two movies, each Tuesday and Wednesday for $1 each, and shows both movies on both days, so you can watch both movies in a week, if you choose to take advantage of both days kids’ movie time. If you love the movies and don’t mind watching an older film, these opportunities might be a good option for a low cost activity to do with the kiddos!  Please find, attached, the list of movies for the 2018 Kids Summer Movie Activity available in Central IN!

2018 Summer Movies for Kids