Indiana Health & Wellness Summiut

We hope that everyone who attended the Indiana Health & Wellness Summit, hosted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Wellness Council, had a great time! We found the conference to be extremely informative.

Pam taught a pre-conference training, a certification seminar on Mental Health First Aid where we were able to certify 28 new Mental Health First Aiders! We are so excited to know that so many organizational leaders are serious about the well-being of their workforce, and their customers, and want to find ways to make the workplace better for all. Congratulations to all of you new First Aiders! Just as important to us is that at least five of those attending plan to go on to become Mental Health First Aid instructors! We wish you luck and thank you for your future efforts: Thank you!

Pam also spoke at a break-out session at the conference about the prevalence of mental illness in the USA, Indiana, and the workplace. She made some suggestions on what employers could do to inform their workforce and make the workplace a better place for all. How do we suggest starting? Here are some ideas: 1.) Teach everyone about mental health issues; 2.) Create an Organizational Plan of Action so people know what to do when they come across someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis at work; 3.) Keep a list of emergency hotlines posted in strategic places; 4.) Ensure employees and families have access to care; 5.) Keep leaders informed; and 6.) Ensure that personnel are certified in one of many crisis-based mental health training programs.

Which certification programs do we suggest? Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), suicide prevention certifications (QPR and ASIST are good), and Mental Health Fist Aid (about mental health in adults) & YOUTH Mental Health First Aid (about mental health in children & youth). The more people start talking about and learning about mental health crises, the sooner people will get help. Early intervention is key to successful recovery and getting people back to work.

We look forward to next year’s Health & Wellness Summit!      A Healthy Workplace is a Great Workplace!

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