Mental Health First Aid for Higher Ed at Purdue U!

Purdue University hosted its second Mental Health First Aid for Higher Education seminar at the Rec Center. The faculty and staff at Purdue are always seeking ways to make college life better for students. The Dean of Students and her staff weren’t just fabulous participants, but they also had some artistic talent among them. We had to share the posters they made in class, because they were fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Mental Health First Aid for Higher Ed at Purdue U!

  1. Boiler Up! We love our faculty and staff at Purdue. I am not sure how they keep up with 10s of thousands of us students. I hope this class helps them relate and identify problems early.

    1. Thanks BLK! I am a big fan of your faculty, too! Stay well and encourage your friends to ask for help when they need it. Good luck in school!

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