Celebrating a Birthday during COVID-19 at home

My grandson was upset that he couldn’t go shopping for a birthday present for my recent birthday. He told his mom that it wasn’t fair to me that I wouldn’t get a birthday party and a nice gift from him, so she let him give me a call to make sure it was okay. He was so sad that he was crying… poor baby. Our conversation and the ending result turned out to be better than any birthday ever.

I reminded him that the thing that made me most happy was that he thought of me. Since he called me, I knew he was thinking about me, and that made me happier than any gift. I also reminded him of the wonderful birthday surprise that he and his classmates (and others) did for his friend from school for his birthday.

You can imagine how hard it would be to become 4, 5, 6, or 7 and not be able to have a celebration with your friends, so the boy’s mom sent out a birthday invitation to surprise him with a parade! This family lives in another town, but my daughter thought it was important to show the little guy that he was still being thought of and not forgotten, even though COVID-19 has everyone sheltering in place.

My grandson and his mom were early, so they got to be at the beginning of the line of about 50 carloads of families which showed up to wish the little boy a Happy Birthday. Our boys were able to have a good conversation (from a distance) before the parade started, and a gift was left on the sidewalk. There were hand-made signs and music and gifts and family, friends, and classmates in each car. My grandson was so excited. “What is most important,” he said, “Is Kindness!”

Reminding him of this made him feel better and gave him an idea. Later in the day, as I was leaving to go to the VA hospital, a little voice yells out to me, “Hey Grandma!” (Hearing that voice always melts my heart). He had brought me some birthday presents that he had painted. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than something my little fella made from his heart especially for me… except for the joy he had in giving me something so special.

COVID-19 might slow us down. but it can’t stop kindness and love. Happy Birthday!

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