The Lighthouse Certifies 22 in Youth Mental Health First Aid!

a fantastic organization

Last Saturday, I spent the day in Bunker Hill, Indiana at the Lighthouse! It is an organization of community members who work with at-risk youth in a number of ways to help them, teach them, and give them opportunities to just be kids and grow into good, productive adults. This group is fantastic! I love that their mission is to ensure that the youth, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, have every opportunity to learn to live good lives and have a safe environment to grow up in.

On Saturday, I was able to train them in a blended version of YOUTH Mental Health First Aid, my first blended class of 2021! First, they did a 2-hour, online series of pre-work before they came to class. Then, on Saturday, we practiced applying the ALGEE Action Plan in a number of scenarios and through activitties and discussions starting with identifying newly developing mental health challenges through identifying and helping youth get help when they are in crisis.

It was a wonderful way to spend a day training a wonderful group of people! The Lighthouse now has 23 certified YOUTH Mental Health First Aiders, ready to help the youth of their community in yet another way!

YOUTH Mental Health First Aid can change a life forever: You can be the difference!

I am ready to bring Mental Health First Aid (adult or Youth) to your organization or business! MHFA@educationwellness.lorg

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