Mental Health Awareness: Chiropractic Care

Since we are spending time looking at ideas which may help us deal with the effects of mental health challenges, I thought we could explore chiropractic care. Like many alternative medicines, chiropractic care supports a holistic mind-body approach to wellness. Most chiropractors use more than one treatment and are willing to work with their clients to create treatment plans which are as simple or as complex as the patient needs or wants. How can a full chiropractic plan help reduce mental health issues?

  1. Spinal adjustments can relieve nerve pressure and help with proper release of many hormones and other body chemicals. Some of those chemicals include endorphins, Oxytocin, Neurotensin, and many more. Many of the hormones affected are connected to the body’s ability to maintain a happy and healthy set of emotions.
  2. Spinal adjustments have been linked to significantly lowering the number and duration of migraine headaches and body aches, reducing the symptoms of the adolescent and perimenopausal changes, and creating a positive change to the overall perceived health of patients.
  3. Chiropractic care has been linked to realigning the balance of body functions by restoring the nervous system’s ability to properly communicate with all other systems within the body. This is especially important for immune system care, since the immune system is spread throughout every inch of the body and is connected to disease and well-being.
  4. Studies show that people who have regular adjustments in long-term chiropractic care increase the body’s ability to repair cells and increase4 immunity.
  5. Adjusting the spine can help with reducing tension and increasing flexibility. This allows a person to be able to move more, exercise with less pain, and relieve some forms of chronic pain which may be associated with anxiety and depression.
  6.  Regular chiropractic care has been linked to better sleep patterns which allow the person to get to sleep more quickly, stay asleep longer during the night, and sleep an appropriate amount of time for optimal functioning.

While it is easy to look for answers in research studies, I found that I learned much more from listening to the stories of people who have increased their quality of life through chiropractic care. While it may be anecdotal evidence, the stories are quite inspiring. Widespread evidence that chiropractic care is effective for people who suffer from both physical and mental health issues is everywhere, if we simply listen.

I decided to find out for myself. I found Drs. Nathan and Caitlin Zeigler at Alliance Chiropractic in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis (northeast side) and is somewhat close to where I live. Most of you know that I am a veteran of the US Navy and experienced a fall which resulted in serious injuries from which I have suffered chronic pain for a decade. Dr. Zeigler does an adjustment for me at each visit and has performed a series of other therapies. In addition, they have given me some therapeutic exercises to do at home, several times per day, and are willing to talk with me about diet and lifestyle needs.

Update: About a year ago, I allowed Dr. Zeigler to do accupuncture, one of their alternative therapies. Since I am allergic to many metals, I was afraid of having needles puncturing my skin. I had to get pretty brave (it took years to allow this), and I let him prick me all over my legs, back, neck, and arms. not lony did I have all of these tiny, but long needles sticking out of my skin, but he also cipped them and added electricity to them, which was a “shocking experience.” To be honest, it hurt a little to start with, but not much… less than a misquito bite. After he removed the needles is when the results started occurring. For the next week, I was pain-free. It felt like a miracle, since I had chronic pain for 9 years up to that point. I was amazed, and I think you may be as well.

While I still suffer to some extent, my pain levels have significantly decreased, and I am much less stressed out. I can feel a significant difference in my ability to function in life which increased my motivation and moves me toward success. I feel great, and I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who doesn’t have a medical condition which prohibits it. It is just one more way to combat mental health (and physical health), and it might be something for you to consider.

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