Mental Health First Aid News: Firefighters & EMS!

Attention all Firefighters and EMS personnel and your support teams:

The National Council for Behavioral Health, the agency which provides the certification for Mental Health First Aid and YOUTH Mental Health First Aid, has released a new version of the adult certification class created especially for Firefighters and EMS personnel. We are excited to be able to offer this training to you.

You are the heros who do the work that no one else wants to do and are often the first people on the scene to encounter those who are suffering or are experiencing extreme situational distress. In addition, you and your team, often, are engulfed in this stressful life on a consistent basis. The Mental Health First Aid for Fire and EMS Personnel certification class provides you with a series of tools which can help you to be more effective as a community helper and team member. You will learn about the most common mental disorders which you are likely to encounter, what the protective and risk factors are, what signs and symptoms to look for, and how to implement the ALGEE action plan to assist others until they can get appropriate professional help. 

Pam, our MHFA instructor, is the first in the State of Indiana to be certified to teach the Fire & EMS version of the MHFA certification class and has just scheduled our first training. If your Fire Department or Ambulance Service is interested in hosting a certification seminar, give us a call or email us for information. (317) 922-8022

Help us spread the word, and let’s get as many Firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, drivers, dispatchers, and other support personnel certified as possible! We look forward to seeing you in class!