May is Mental Health Awareness Month

During the month of May, mental health professionals across America are asking you to educate yourself and others about mental health issues. The more we talk about it and educate people, the better our chances will be to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. That relates to getting more people the help they need as early as possible. We know that early intervention is a primary key to diminishing or eliminating the effects of mental health issues which can perpetuate into mental illness. Recent research indicated that 1 in 5 adults experiences a diagnosed mental health disorder in any given year.

Diagnosed mental disorders are only a fraction of the mental health issues which we want to address. Many people experience mental health issues which are not bad enough to be diagnosed as mental illness, but which could benefit from being addressed before they become a serious problem. When we are aware of some of the symptoms and how they affect people, we can better identify who could use some help. The goal is to help as early as possible, so the person who is suffering can move on to live a healthy, productive life. You don’t have to be a medical provider to ask someone if they would like to talk or to let someone know that you think they are important. Your intervention could be all it takes to save a life or direct a great person to the help they need.

Look around for a training program. They are all over the country. If you want to become certified in Mental Health First Aid, email us at We can help you find a course anywhere in the country or provide one for you or your organization, right here in Central Indiana.