New Mental Health First Aiders!

Congratulations to our new YOUTH Mental Health First Aiders!

Several individuals and organizations were represented at our latest YOUTH Mental Health First Aid class hosted by the Tipton County Foundation. Representatives from Boone and Madison County CASA programs, FSA of Howard County’s Healthy Families program, Ivy Tech State College, Tipton County Public Library, Meridian Health Services, East Pointe Bible Church, and more came to our 8-hour certification course to learn about mental health issues experienced by our children and youth and what to do if they come across a child who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Instruction, role play, case studies, and several activities, as well as opportunities to network over good food, provided the structure of the training. Each participant became certified through the National Council for Behavioral Health! Congratulations!

Franklin Township Teachers Certify!

Franklin Township Community School Corporation teachers, staff, and support personnel attended a certification class in YOUTH Mental Health First Aid. Youth Mental Health First Aid certification teaches participants how to identify mental health issues in children and adolescents and assist a young person, before or during, a time of mental health crisis. Since mental illness in young people looks a lot like normal adolescent development, the Franklin Township staff learned how to tell the difference, as well as, how to approach a young person who may not have the knowldge or vocabulary to express that mental health might be a concern.

In an effort to  certify all teachers in the USA within the next ten years, the National Council for Behavioral Health, NAMI-Indiana, the Education & Wellness Coalition, behavioral health coalitions, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, and others have been offering the certification class all over the country.  Like CPR and Red Cross and Safety certifications offered by the Red Cross, Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid teach participants what to do to assist a person who is suffering from a mental healht crisis until appropriate professional help arrives or the issue subsudes. Teachers across the country are getting certified and learning about Youth Mental Health First Aid in an effort to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, to learn how to approach and take action when a child is experiencing a mental health crisis, and to help our youth get early intervention for better outcomes.

Congratulations Franklin Township Community School Corporation! Thank you for a great class!

National Suicide Crisis Lines

During our Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and QPR classes, we provide our participants this list of  national suicide and crisis hotlines. It was compiled by Pam Tina, one of our instructors, after having been asked by many for a way to connect people with prevention resources other than the 1-800-273-TALK number. Some people indicated that a chat line or text number would be easier for those who grew up in the digital age to ask for help. This list is not exhaustive, and if you know of another number which could be useful, please email us additions at:

Please feel free to share this list! EdWellCo

Special Thanks to NAMI Indiana

NAMI Indiana wrote and has been administering a grant to provide Youth Mental Health First Aid USA certification courses to faculty and staff at Indiana schools, free of charge. Since this course is worth $170 per person, this is a wonderful opportunity for those who spend many hours with our children to have access to this vital training. We would like to see all teachers and first line staff certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid, and NAMI Indiana has helped get hundreds of educators certified! Thank you, NAMI Indiana!