Wingmen, Shipmates, & Battle Buddies

Wingmen, Shipmates, & Battle Buddies-USA recognizes that all humans need to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other human beings in an effort to be support for one another and to have each others’ backs. We work together to be there for each other, just like we did when we were in the military.

Who are “wingmen,” “shipmates,” and “battle buddies?” Military Personnel and Veterans of the Armed Forces understand these terms well. While there are varying definitions for each of these terms, the basic underlyng premise behind each is this: A Wingman, a Shipmate, and a Battle Buddies is a person who is willing to sacrifice everything for the safety and well-being of his fellow airman, sailor, crewperson, soldier, pilot, marine, astronaut, officer, or what ever other military term we call the personnel working in the military position next to you. Each branch uses their own unique term(s), but they all mean the same thing: “Teammate, I am here for you, and I have your back… just like I have faith that you have mine.”

Who is your wingman? Do you have a shipmate? Are you someone’s battle buddy?

Our programs are here for veterans and military personnel. We also want to reach out to civilians who need assistance, so you know that you are not alone.

What we do:

A: We offer Information & Resources, as well as Connections to Outside Resources

B: We offer Training and Certifications in several Leadership and Mental Health Areas

C: We offer Whole Health & Wellness Coaching

D: We offer Recovery Coaching

E: We offer Support Groups in a Variety of Topics, both in-person and online

In the future, we dream of building a veterans training facility on a farm somewhere centrally located in the United States which will include transitional tiny-house housing for veterans transitioning back into civilian life, as well as training in farming, the building trades, computer literacy, mental health, nutrition sciences, and more. We want to ensure that our veterans also get the physical and mental health help that they deserve and have earned by their years of selfless service to our nation by connecting them with the Veterans Administration, Vet Center, and other wonderful veteran programs.

Yes, we will be asking for donations, doing fundraising, and asking people to consider bequesting to Wingmen, Shipmates, and Battle Buddies – USA in the near future. Please consider us when you plan your yearly giving. Taking care of our millitary personnel and veterans is our highest priority, and we hope it becomes one of yours, as well. Freedom isn’t free, and these women and men have been willing to put their lives on the line so we can all have the freedoms we enjoy. Let’s take care of them in return.

Currently, we are partnered with Education & Wellness Coalition (EWC), Trauma Resource Network (TRN), Project TIPSY (Trauma-Informed People Serving You), Tina Family Coaching, and Alley Recovery. We expect for this list to grow, exponentially, as we obtain our nonprofit status within the next year. WS&BB-USA

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